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A Home on the move
Gerry's vardo's

1:12th scale Gypsy Vardos

stock Taditional Ledge and bowtop vardos,

Make to order vardos , and Basic vardo kits <
1:12th scale Romany Ledge Vardo

Fully built Basic Ledge vardo
full door, opening windows, pan box and critch
wooden block furniture available as seperates, see accessories
includes Delivery

Kit Flat pack available to order
A Fully built Ledge vardo
With Mollicroft roof & chimney
tri opening front door
Shutters, Fancy mouldings
wheel chuck, shafts, & steps, ledged sides

includes delivery
Fully built Openlot Bowtop
with open fronted panel
vardo body would have been canvassed
front panel would have had canvas "curtains" that tied together
to keep the weather out
rear bay window


Price includes Delivery
Fully built Romany Bowtop Vardo

wooden sides, wooden roof
Critch and pan box
inside is empty
wooden block furniture available as seperates see accessories
Includes Delivery

Kit Flat pack available to order
Example of a Traditional Ledge Vardo
Available in Burgundy or Green
All designs are hand painted
NO transfers, all hand painted flowers and swirls
tri split front door
Mollicroft roof
traditional bed, cooker, drawer unit and wardrobe
all are block wood painted furniture paint

Includes Delivery

Inside a traditional Vardo

basic furniture
Inside a real Openlot vardo
it's beautiful, a lot of really
hard work has gone into creating this
fascinating decor
Why not go along and see the real thing
at Gordan Boswell romany museum
Clay lake
Spalding, Lincolnshire . U.K.
Interior plan view of vardo
Interior plan of a Bow top Vardo
a Ledge vardo is set out in the same way
the only difference is
A Ledge has side windows
and a Bowtop doesn't
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